Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Watch Talking Who the Doctor Who video podcast/talk show live on YouTube today


The February episode of TALKING WHO is live today. If you are a fan of Doctor Who, if you like chatting and meeting other fans online, then this is the video podcast for you. 

Talking Who is hosted by Elisar Cabrera and Sean Harry from the YouTube channel ThoseVideoGuysTV and each month they review, discuss and comment on the wide world of Doctor Who. 

In this month's episode they will be helped along, as usual, by contributions by other fans including regular Barry Aldridge, who is a popular face amongst British YouTube fans. 

Fans watching can have comments they write in the YouTube comments box read out on the show. And fans on Twitter can also get their tweets read out if they send their tweet to @TalkingWho.

 Today's show will be a Cybermen special: 

 - Episode and DVD Reviews: Rise of the Cybermen and The Tomb of the Cybermen 
- Interview with Tony Lee regarding news of the new Doctor Who comics coming soon from IDW Comics 
- Adam, aged 10, visits the Doctor Who Experience 
- Its Mother Who's Podcast Review: Radio Rassilon 
- Barry's Top 3 Cybermen Designs 
- Reverse The Polarity Productions presents: The CyberToys 

To watch Talking Who go to ThoseVideoGuysTV's official channel at the following times: 

Talking Who Live Wednesday 29th February 
9.00pm GMT / UK 
1.00pm Pacific 
4.00pm Eastern 
10.00pm Europe 
8.00am Sydney

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