Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Talking Who Episode 34: Neve McIntosh Interview

In the second of our 11th Hour Doctor Who Convention Specials our guest host Cameron McEwan meets Neve McIntosh the actress best known for her portrayal as the Silurians Alaya, Restac and Madame Vastra from The Hungry Earth, In Cold Blood and A Good Man Goes to War episodes from the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who.

Talking Who Episode 33: Frances Barber Interview

In this Talking Who minisode special our special guest host, Cameron K McEwan of popular Doctor Who news blog, Blogtor Who, interviews Frances Barber about her role as Madame Kovarian in A Good Man Goes To War and The Wedding of River Song.

This interview was recorded backstage at the recent The 11 th Hour Convention held in Birmingham, England, which featured Matt Smith as the star guest.

Next interviews coming soon: Mark Sheppard, Neve McIntosh, Christina Chong

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Talking Who Episode 32 :Doctor Who In America!

Talking Who Episode 32

In this episode broadcast on 4th of July Elisar and Sean salute America in Doctor Who with reviews of two US set stories: Daleks In Manhattan (10th Doctor) and The Gunfughters (1st Doctor). Plus Barry Aldridge runs down his Top 5 favourite American characters from the series, ItsMotherWho reviews the US podcast 2 Minute Timelord and Lisa Gifford asks Doctor Who cosplayers at the 11th Hour Convention what they would like to see in the 50th Anniversary.

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PS: our Frances Barber exclusive interview featuring guest host BlogtorWho will be on our website later tonight so Follow this blog to make sure you don't miss it

Monday, 2 July 2012

Check out this 11th Hour Video with exclusive convention footage

Want to know what happened at The 11th Hour Convention? Check out this video from Starfury Conventions which gives you a taster.

Starfury presents Midnight in December and you can tweet organiser and Talking Who co-host during Live Talking Who on Wednesday 9th July at 9pm UK at and ask your questions about this exciting upcoming convention.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Coming soon... an interview with Frances Barber (sneak peek video)

Here is a sneak peek at our upcoming interview with Frances Barber who played Madame Kovarian, the recurring baddie in Series 32 of Doctor Who last year.

Our guest presenter is Cameron K. McEwan who most of you Whovians know on Twitter as @BlogtorWho (

The interview was recorded backstage at the recent The 11th Hour convention run by Talking Who's very own Sean Harry.

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